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Earn More Money

by annettebau

One of the most critical wealth building and financial freedom insights includes your ability to generate or earn more money.

Annette Bau Resources 300x200-OPGenerally speaking, income is generated from investments or our job. By focusing on earning more revenue, it makes way for us to save (or save more), invest and accumulate more assets. Because we generally need income to become financially free, today we will dive into three options to help you earn more money.

Option #1: Get a raise

If you are employed, find out what it is you need to do to get a raise. It may include additional training, education or a combination of both. One of our friends went to his supervisor to find out how he could increase his responsibilities and (most importantly) his income. Read More…

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Spend Less

by annettebau

A few years ago, I attended a top producer meeting at one of the nicest hotels in Boston, Massachusetts.  Everything about the experience, from the service to the decorations, was impeccable!

Annette Bau Wealth Secrets While I have been blessed to stay at some of the nicest hotels throughout the world, this hotel made my A+ list. I had room service one night and remember thinking how many starving children I could have fed with how much the meal cost.

After a night out with the group who qualified for the trip,

I returned to find my linens turned down, and a piece of Godiva® chocolate with a “Life Secret” message on my pillow.  The message said, Read More…

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While most people dream of receiving an inheritance, 1 in 4 actually will, according to Princeton Survey Research Associates.

Annette Bau Gold OpTheir survey shared some interesting insight for you to ponder on your journey to financial freedom as well as your plan for inheritance, if you end up that lucky!  They shared that the projected inheritance median is $50,000- $100,000.  They also found out that the people who are planning to get a windfall have a wide range of strategies from no idea what they would do with it to a plan to invest or save it.  More on the survey in a minute.

Early in my career as a Certified Financial Planner®, I found out how most people handle their Read More…


In the last post we discussed three wealth strategies.

Success Secrets Dictionary-300x200-OPThese wealth strategies include:

• #1: I can’t eat the marshmallows?

• #2: Is setting goals really that important?

• #3: But I want to take the credit.

Today we will discuss three more wealth strategies you need to know.

Read More…

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